Vehicle & Safety Requirements

Vehicle Requirements


  • Drive Your Vehicle Onto & Off The Dyno
  • Operate Your Vehicle During Actual Dyno Testing
  • Can Tune Your Ride On The Dyno As Time Permits
  • Are Encouraged To Bring And Change Parts While On The Dyno & Do Comparison Runs As Time Permits
  • Must Supply Your Own Tools


Devon Dyno Can Supply

  • Speed, Horsepower, and Torque Sessions
  • Air Fuel Monitoring
  • Shift Point Identification
  • Vibration Diagnosis Sessions
  • Gear Ratio Pulls
    • Fixed Gear Runs
    • Variable Gear Runs
  • Detailed Run Graphing
    • Showing Horsepower
    • Torque
    • RPM
    • Speed
    • Distance Travelled
    • Time
    • Single Pulls
    • Up To 6 Multiple Pulls On 1 Graph
  • Complete Run Info Reports With Graphing
  • Performance Computations
  • Point Data Reports
    • Data Gathered At Each 0.05 Second
  • Run Playbacks
  • Simulated Race Runs
    • Playback Of Runs
    • Run Vs Run Vs Run


Your Vehicle Has

  • No Fluid Leaks
  • No Overheating Issues
  • No Tires With Sidewall Cracks Or Weather Checking
  • All Wheel Lugs Or Wheel Nuts Torqued To Proper Specs
  • Front Tires Size Matched With Proper Equal Inflation
  • Rear Tires Size Matched With Proper Equal Inflation
  • Enough Of The Proper Fuel
  • Proper Engine Oil Level
  • No Engine Codes Or Check Engine Light Displayed
  • Transmission Fluid Level Correct
  • Drive Differential Fluid At Correct Level
  • No Broken Springs Or Broken Spring Centre Bolts
  • No Broken Spring Shackles Or Broken Attaching Bolts
  • All Cross Members Without Cracks And All Bolts Tight
  • All Engine Mounts Correct And Secure
  • All Transmission Mounts Correct And Secure
  • All Driveshafts, Half Shafts, Axle Shafts In Good Condition
  • All U Joints In Optimum Condition

A Driveshaft Loop Is Mandatory On The Following

  • Any Lifted Truck
  • Trucks With Oversized Tires Or Axles
  • Trucks Over 1/2 Ton With ECM Chips Or Programmers
  • Trucks Carrying Extra Fuel Tanks (Tank Must Be Empty)
  • Trucks Carrying Extra Tool Boxes (Boxes Must Be Unloaded)
  • Any Truck With Dual Rear Wheels